May 18, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ५, शनिबार

Interpretation of Corona Says

Important point

A poem that questions on human supremacy.

It debunks modern philosophy of human.

It is a postmodern reading of human beings.

It compels people to rethink so called superiority and creation of center in the earth.

Corona Says is a poem written by Vishnu S Rai. It satirizes on man conducts and attitude. It views Covid19 as by product of human’s treatment to nature.

The speaker corona tells human beings to be quite. They should not curse it. It says that it has not come to its own wish. It was not its desire to come to the earth. He was invited. It questions human beings that the death occurred by deeds of humans. Human have forgotten their destruction to the life. They have killed many people.

The speaker has questioned the supremacy of human. Humans consider themselves as the supreme creatures of the world. They consider they are born to rule and all natural things are here to fulfill their desires. They haven’t given any importance to other creature of the earth. Humans are utilizing the entire creatures according to their own interest.  

Corona has compelled the people to see the nature from naturalistic perspective. It has arrived to renew the nature that has been contaminated by modern people’s reckless doing. It has realized people the feeling of caged animals.

The speaker mocks people and senses the mother earth. It has raised question to Mr. Know All, expertise in knowledge of humankind. Conformation with its departure, it warns humankind and compels to rethink the action, as there are so many others that may come to raise question in existence of human kind.