April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

Spring in COVID-19

 Lost in desire's thirst or lust, You're wandering?
 This is the time, why aren't you contemplating? 
 In the war with us, with SELF, you're fighting
 "Earth is home to all creatures!", aren't you forgetting?
 Do you realize other creatures’ pain by climate change?
 Selfish You Humans: all your advancements in vain!
 Instead of Opening window, to feel nature walk alone
 Spent months lying on bed, think quietly in Lawn
 As your beloved's blush, Colorful Flowers are blooming
 In beloved's voice, Parrot & Koel mesmerizes by singing
 In Monsoon leaves drenched by rain, in Spring shining
 In autumn leaves shaded, in Spring greenery flushing
 Bliss will shower, lose SELF in Nature, Keep Loving
 Meal beneath tree, gentle breeze is soothing
 Feel the spring rain, magical drop's kissing
 Feel beauty & inhale fragrance of flowers, it is seducing
 As Sunrays, touch every inch of your skin
 At Dawn fold hand and take a deep breath in
 Pelvis to Pineal glands, hormones diffusing 
 Close eyes, feel by heart, impulse tickling
 In pure heart and open mind, feel your soul glowing
 Need no stimulant, You'll feel high without Nicotine
 Zeal in heart, Blood overloaded with adrenaline
 Nature seems beautiful, as you're blissful within
 New life starts as Egg breaks from within
 Mistakes are part of life, transcend to a true human being
 Spend time with family, focus on Mother Nature's nurturing 
 Evolve from the one; yesterday in front of mirror, you saw standing 
 The co-existence of all creature on Earth will end this pandemic 
 Keep in mind, the message of the tiny creature," Humans aren't Supreme!"
 We aren't your enemy, you tagged us COVID-19
 We'll hurt you humans until mother nature is healing!