May 18, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ५, शनिबार

Human Nature

Prapti Bhetwal
 Often, we made mistakes for the sake of their desires
 Lies that were told for the warmth of their love
 Sacrifices we made; in the fear of being abandoned 
 And trapped;
 In this cage of cupidity and hatred.
 We cannot ever go back to that past again
 Where we promises to each other as innocent kids
 Burying those beautiful we made together
 Deep; in an empty corner of our hearts
 Accepting our flaws and moving forward.
 But we’re only humans,
 Still longing for those love and affections
 Alas; we couldn’t see the path right in front of us
 Blinded by our own greed and selfish desires.