April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

A critical situation

Time is a continuum
It is moving ahead always
Yet day and night are the
Two sides of a coin on earth
The seasons are changing
Very very rapidly
Mankind is living, always
In the darkness of feelings
Change is a continuous process
Time is so fast
No man may catch it
Although always one’s cycle stops
The desert is very dry
Although rainfall is there
The hills are green
Very very green to look at
There are cows, herbs, and wildlife
There are brook, fountains, and hills
Which are flowing and standing
O What a scenic view of the Cowherd
Grazing the grass cows and goats
Enjoying their life happily
The farmers are always
Serious to cultivate the field
Grow grains there heavily
They grow and grow the grains
Vegetables, fruits regularly
Nevertheless, they earn
A little money after-sales
Middlemen always exploiting all
The business is very poor
Less production due to pandemic
One may not get food as required
People struggling for food and hygiene
Competing with each other for the best
What a terrible and fearful society
Society is suffering badly
Nobody is earning the money
All the offices, factories and schools are closed
Unemployment is growing bigger and bigger
Frustration is growing in the mass
If somebody is hopeful
It's only the political leaders
They will have assembly meetings
Some salary with allowances
They will receive
Because they are lawmakers
They are making law for themselves
Without money nothing is available
Even poison is getting expensive says a man
He gets food for free of cost
Being a lazy person he is sleeping
Doesn’t think for today
He is satisfied or not I asked
He says I don’t know
Time is vital, doesn't wait for anybody, anywhere.