June 19, 2024, Wednesday
२०८१ असार ६, बुधबार

My Inspiring Parents

Name : Aanchal Adhikari
School : Liverpool Int’l Higher secondary school
You’re the precious one
Your place can be taken by none
You both are the trusting god
Whose heart is of the purest gold
A caretaker who always thinks about me
You both are the special one who loves me unconditional
A million words are there to describe your support
And your dedication towards me to move forward

Your arms are open always to give me a hug
You are my best friends ever and dearest one in this whole world
It’s one biggest blessing to have such a kind of Mom and dad
Mom asleep in your lap feels like a heaven
And a ride on father’s shoulder is valuable one.
You both sacrificed your dreams to fulfill mine first
To make me win everything you lost
You’re source of inspiration who is really kind of all
You’re the greatest titles in this whole world.