April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

The Divine Power

The power of the God is unknown to all.
But our soul constantly listens his call.
He is omnipresent in every creature,
Guides our each step as our teacher.
The faith on Him creates positive vibes
And inspires to keep our stress asides.
Whenever we face agony on our ways
We pray him to save us with his rays.
Science has ignored him, Nietzsche declared him dead,
Life will be perilous without his divine shed.
Neither has any shape nor he has a form
Yet, he defends us from snag and strom.
He inhabits in mankind, his love is pure
But still man said his existence is unsure.
He is the greatest mystery for the atheists.
With opening arms he waits for the theists.
People seek him in temple and in church.
But I found him in my soul when I searched.
He dwelt within me with his heavenly power.
And urges me to be virtuous at every hour.