April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

The castle in the Air

Whenever I sit on the roof of my home in the eve,
The sublime views of the woodland I can perceive.
 As the sun moves towards his shelter for the rest,
This is the time that I enjoy in my life the best.
When I am engaged showering with the beauty of nature,
 My kids are making a castle of sand with fun and pleasure.
The innocent kids don't know as they are building castle in the air.
And are tending their dream house with love and care.
The beauty of nature pulls my heart to her sight.
But the eve smiles at me warning it's no more bright .
The life of the castle is transiant as my pleasures are,
I long to adore her forever but my destination is very far.