June 13, 2024, Thursday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ३१, बिहीबार

The falling leaf

Here, winter arrives
Color of leaf faded
It can serve no more
As it has withered
Time came, when it is shed
Obstinately, it detached from the branch of tree
Where its whole world belongs
At least, it was its belief
Relentlessly, pulled by gravity
Forcefully falling down
With all of its sorrow and anxiety
It first meet the soil
Immediately, it was kissed by the soil
Embraced into its arm in the very first touch
Leaffelt warmth of the soil
That warmth, it never felt before
Even in bright sunlight
That warmth, which converts it’s agony into ecstasy
That warmth, which lead it to epiphany
That, it not only belongs to up there
In the branch of the tree
That warmth, that allow it to melt into the soil
And itself be the one
Then by, spring arrives
One day, root of the tree came by searching for it
With all of its love and compassion
It follows the way up to the branch again
Enjoying its rejuvenation
Basking an euphoria of triumph
Fulfilling its duty
Again, winter arrives, color of leaf faded
It can serve no more as it has withered
Time came, when it is shed
Now, it was ready, to feel the free fall
Ready to surrender, to the pull of gravity
Ready to rejoice the freedom of flying
Ready to admire the feeling of detachment
Ready for another endeavor
Ready for euphoria of triumph