April 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख ८, शनिबार

Who am I the great ?

(Dedicated to all my students)

You love and respect
but I dare to suspect,
you do work better
but best is my expect !
Who am I the best ?
You plant goodness
but I scold meaningless,
you raise the voice
but I make speechless !
Am I the great ?
You stand innocence
but I slap with no sense,
you tolerate the tense
but I give you pains !
Who am I your friend ?
You work for future
but I for today,
you say me Hi sir
but I couldn't say !
Am I your guy ?
You comb the hair
make one long tail,
but I warn you dear
you may be fail !
Who am I ? Am I the hell ?
You limit the wishes
keep fear for test,
but I shouted for homework
where is the next ?
Am I the best ?
You are a passionate
you are the wise,
but I always look
upon your bad sides !
Who am I ? Am I the guide ?
You are unbiased
you are the pride,
but I have no smiles
with all guys !
Who am I ?
You know your duties
you know the right,
but I am the "Janga Bahadur"
always tight !
Who am I ? Am I your guide ?
You are a delicate
you are the sweetest,
but, though, nevertheless
I felt you hatred !
Am I the great ?
Who am I ? Am I the great ?
No. You are the best !!