February 28, 2024, Wednesday
२०८० फाल्गुन १७, बिहीबार

Playing video games is Never Bad!

Video games are electronic games that involve interaction with a user to generate visual feedback. Video games are also known as games that are played in a console, PC, etc which gives the player a set of challenges to complete the game. Video games are basically of two types : Singleplayer & multiplayer video games. There are different genres of video games and platforms to play those video games at. Some genres of video games are action, adventure, RPG, Strategy, etc. Some famous platforms to play video games are PS4, PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, etc.

Playing video games can be beneficial to the player. It helps the player in many aspects. While playing a multiplayer game with your friends a player has to keep cooperating with his friends which makes his cooperation skill stronger. While playing a story based game the player can learn things(Example: Playing Assassin’s creed can give you knowledge about the history of Italy, Egypt, Jerusalem, etc.). A video game is incomplete without puzzles and difficulties. While playing a video game the player has to constantly think and solve problems and puzzles which boosts their problem solving skill.

Another cognitive benefit of playing video games is that the memory power increases. The player has to remember the basics of the game till the end and has to constantly remember new characters and new settings and has to process the ongoing story in his/her mind. Playing video games can also develop muscle memory which is achieved when your muscles work by itself in the same work which you do daily. A gamer’s concentration and attention is very high. While playing a shooter game you have to constantly be focusing on the enemy, your health, your ammo and the objective which enables the player’s skill to switch concentration from one thing to another very quickly. Video games also improve the brain’s speed. While gaming, the brain receives multiple stimulations, both Visual and audial. According to research, individuals who play video games frequently can process these stimulators faster than others. These stimulators ensure that the brain is continuously working to interpret them.

Researchers have also found that a gamers reaction time is way faster than the reaction time of an average person. While gaming a gamer’s social skill is also getting better. Online gaming enables many players to engage in a particular game simultaneously. As such, there is constant communication between the players which in turn results in the development of meaningful as well as casual relationships among them.This helps players meet new friends while also strengthening bonds with their old friends. A gamer’s language and speaking skills are developed drastically because the player has to constantly speak with his teammates and update them with the enemy’s location. Gaming can also be someone’s career which will be fun and beneficial.

With every advantage there are disadvantages. While someone is gaming for too long their eyes and health get affected. While gaming the player gets sucked in and can’t socialize. Gaming is also expensive which will take away a lot of money. While gaming the player cannot concentrate on his/her studies if he/she is addicted to gaming. So, to avoid these disadvantages and have all the benefits of gaming you will have to game in a limit.