May 20, 2024, Monday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ८, मंगलवार


Nepal is geographically, culturally and socially diverse country. There are 7  states and 77 districts in the federal democratic republic of Nepal. Previously Rukum and Nawalparasi districts has been split in two, therefore from then total number of districts is 77. There are three different regions and each have different climatic condition.

 Himalayan region is cold, Hilly region is mild and Terai region is hot. People living in these parts of the country have their own costumes, language, religion, lifestyle and culture. The 2011 National census lists 123 Nepalese languages spoken as a mother tongue (first language) in Nepal. The discovery of six additional languages since then brings the count to 129 and as per religion in Nepal is 81.3% of the Nepalese population is Hindu, 9.0% are Buddhist, 4.4% are Muslim, 3.0% are Kiraties, 1.4% are Christian, 0.1% are Sikhs, 0.1% are Jains and 0.7% follow other religions or no religion. There are more than 125 ethnic groups. The most beautiful feature of our country is unity in diversity. The rivers flowing from the Himalayas reach the Terai that facilitates in the process of irrigation. Main occupation of Nepal is agriculture. The crops grown in the Terai region is transported and consumed by the people of the Hilly and Himalayan region. It helps to run the factories and industries of Terai region. There are various costumes, folk songs, music, dance, art and culture that belong to the people of different regions. Nepal is similar to garden where different types of flowers are grown. The fragrance of these flowers enchants the whole garden making it beautiful and pleasant. Nepal is also called as amazon of Asia. Nepal has 2.7 % of the available fresh water on Earth, making it the second country, after Brazil, with more water reserves in the world. Eight highest mountains out of ten with Mt. Everest are located in Nepal. Birth place of Lord Buddha known as Lumbini is also located in Nepal. Our country is also rich in world heritage sites ten of them are located in Nepal and because of it tourists are attracted to see Nepal’s culture, traditional customs, lifestyle and culture.

In conclusion, my country Nepal is a beautiful garden of south Asian, landlocked country. People of different castes, religions, cultures are inhabit together in a peaceful environment of Nepal. Therefore, my country Nepal has great and wonderful facts and realities in every sectors like religion, food, clothes, geographical features and national flag.