May 18, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ५, शनिबार

How long?

Swechha Gautam
Class: 10
Valley Public Higher Secondary School,
Sundarbasti, Kathmandu.

On the fifth of Chaitra, the year 2076 at about 7:30 pm, I was at my room-filling ink in my pen when I heard my mom’s voice calling me from upstairs. I left my pen on the table and hurried upstairs thinking it was time for supper. Well, I was right indeed but as soon as I reached the door I heard something shocking. All of a sudden mom said, “SEE is postponed”.

Firstly, I was stunned. Not only me but probably all the students preparing for the exam might also have felt the same at that moment. Then I thought it was a prank. But when she showed me the news from her phone, I stood at the door utterly dumbfounded with my mind completely blank. I genuinely did not know how to react back then. Whether I was supposed to be happy thinking we had got more time to get prepared or feel disappointed because SEE had been postponed to an unknown date. But frankly speaking, my parents seemed to be much more concerned than me. That feeling of disappointment on their faces was too obvious for me to understand. But that fifteen years old me was still unable to speak or even think anything on my own. After I was done with my meal, I went back to my room. When I entered the room, the first thing that caught my eye was the table at the corner of my room where my pen laid abandoned. Then I saw the entrance card which I was just about to keep inside my bag for the next day. The first thought that popped up in my brain after seeing the card was “Poor little thing, you will have to wait for some more days”.

The next day, we were called to school along with our parents for a short meeting. When I reached there, I instantly noticed that same mixed feelings of frustration and confusion among my classmates and parents which I had encountered the previous night. That day, I was also a little relieved to realize that not only me but millions of other students were standing on the same boat as me with no clue of the future. Today even after eighty-one days, we still have no idea of the upcoming exam and our new beginning in college. Even today millions of other students have been standing clueless whether this boat is going sail or not. And I still have a question in my mind, if that entrance card is going to be useful or ultimately turn into an unused little piece of printed paper. Maybe other students might have such unanswered questions on their minds and are probably waiting for someone to answer. Perhaps they are too stuck in this uncertainty along with me. I wonder how long should we wait?