June 13, 2024, Thursday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ३१, बिहीबार


Saurav Sharma

We live in a society where we communicate with different people, with some our thoughts match, with some social status, with some habits, with some interest and with some something else!

But why we are not seen interacting with all of them(SOMEs) equally? Is the ability to interact with all equally, below our cranial capacity or anything else determines friendship? I have good memories with friends from University, Collage, school, neighbors, but If I ask you and myself to recall those heartfelt friends! from left hand starting count on fingers, I hardly reach up to the last finger of the right hand, and you?

Hello I don’t mean I was unfriendly to all batch mates. I expect from you all the same but I use to speak with many but talk with a few! and, dear you? Those with whom we talk, open our hearts are our friends. If surveyed, with whom you speak more frankly and feel free to exist & exit on tour?

 8 out of 10 will answer you, from their experience, BESTIES,& I am not an exception rather! But some will answer my soulmate is my best friend, to those GREATS I being a bachelor neither have further questions to ask nor answer to reply!

I felt true friendship which compelled me to express. Give me a favor to introduce BESTIES!

Their black and white friendship in this colorful word is elegant and joyful. Naresh and Hari with Black and White fair complex respectively. I beg Sorry to them!

I am not expected to call them by their name, as Naresh’s Grandson is 5 years senior to me. They are in their late fifties, with grayish hair, not dense near forehead but in center of the forehead with a red tika, will welcome you with a sweet smile. I in my late teens had a curiosity to unfold the mystery behind their deep friendship.

I was at Uncle’s house, to assist my cousin in English for her SEE Exam. In the meantime, Hari uncle arrived, as usual, and asked, “Where is your father?” and gave Rs.100 note.

Nirma my cousin with a smile on her face, “Uncle, You are asking me. You know far better of him than me.”

I with curiosity asked, “He feels to be best friend! What is your perception of friendship?

“Look, we humans are social animals, all need to spend life in the same society, where to go? Love, Emotional bond are vital elements needed in life.”

With dispute & arguments, need to be fulfilled? But

With love & adjustment, we can fulfill our needs for life!

 Dispute leads to Destruction!

 Love leads to Live life!

I exclaimed,” Great words uncle!”

He continued,”

I inquired,” You may know more than 10 people, he knows many, but why with all not this type of bond was established?”

“Naresh is current man, no complexity, falsity, what he sees, will speak at the front,” Uncle praised.

He continued, “See friendship resides in the heart where there is no greed…We are with no greed in between us….with devotion, compromise. In need I seek his help, he does the same but there is no place for greed. Emotional bond, love, purity of intentions are things which adore friendship. What more should I tell you?”

As we were in conversation, Naresh Uncle who had arrived from Janakpur, sat on the chair.

Hari uncle requested for the seedling of cauliflower and went in Naresh uncle’s nursery to uproot a few seedlings.

I asked, “Naresh Uncle, How it all started….! how you both became friends…!”

He replied “From early childhood, his family use to spend much of time near ours, in all works, in all steps we use to take the suggestion of each other, never went to another place, helped at the time of need, whether mentally, physically, emotionally or socially. Not only Hari! Surendra, Shyama, Nagendra ….we all were of own kind, in childhood, in 24hrs, only for food and sleep we use to knock our own family’s door, our friendship was next to our family”

He with a deep voice said, “Morality is a prime thing, degradation of molarity compels man to fall in the ditch. The word you tell and he understands is the guy to trust”

I exclaimed, “Yes, but Hari uncle is the nearest one to you, feels to be your best friend… by we outsiders!”

My cousin interrupted with a giggle, “Early in the morning, he arrives at our home daily…..from his childhood up to this old age.

Uncle(With a smile on face) “All are friends! There should be no place for pain in the heart that he did this to me, or mistrusted me or anything like that. There is no such matter or point on which he will prove me wrong or I will prove he was with fault!”

I interrupted, “But mistakes are part of life, mistakes are natural”

He clarified, “Yes, when we are working, sometimes by him or some time by me mistakes happen but it should be cleared out at that moment, up to the same dusk, Next-Day next the matter with the dawn, there should be freshness in friendship always. This is our principle.”

He continued, “Best friends are desire in the life of all but morality is need of life! The main thing is not to tell lies, in between friends any kind of false thing shouldn’t erupt, lies should not exist in relation …It generates disbelief, misfaith degrades bond and when friendship bond’s strength is not achieved, then gradually relation erodes and fades away.”

My cousin with a smile pointing, “This Radio a gift from Hari Uncle to my father, is still working.”

I with head down,” At present friendship of this kind are rarely seen, to be specific… not seen.”

Uncle motivated, “Friendship doesn’t establish itself, friendship should be established”

“In life friendship is very tough stuff and to operate & continue it is also very tough stuff. We make friends, we should take a stand!”

I enquired, “Friendship is tough?, I didn’t get it.”

Uncle, “Don’t you understand, from childhood up to this University stage, you had uncountable class fellows as I had … , At present on the road when I see any of them, for at least a fraction of minutes, there is an exchange of greeting. Why make an attitude issue with anybody? The time spent with them is so precious that they will remember for whole life as I have adored in my heart! those priceless moments! Friendship gives meaning to life”

“Friends are the closest one to heart. If there are no friends, life seems meaningless, that closeness not even with parents in the adult phase of life, friendship is the only thing that rests at the end isn’t it?” I added

“Morality is root friendship, after moral erosion, what is left with us? To some if we betrayed, lied, behaved rudely, up to where…., which state will that lead to us………….?

Nowhere…..! yes but Loneliness will only be the thing left with us”

Friendship is life’s support, Well Friendship leads to living life!”

Hari uncle came from Naresh uncle’s Nursery with a seedling of Cauliflower for his Kitchen Garden.

“I have 25 seedlings in my hand,” He said.

My cousin interrupted,” Uncle that’s why you gave Rs.100 note earlier, Why?

Naresh uncle,” Why? Hadn’t expected to make money from Uncle? Daughter?”

“Cow if started making grass, friend! What will she eat! Nirma, I gave your father’s earning with due respect”, Hari uncle exclaimed

I was feeling their friendship…. I requested them for a pose for a picture, They were standing with charm on the face I with my phone requested them to spell “BESTIES!”