June 13, 2024, Thursday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ३१, बिहीबार

Enchanting Eyes

Saurav Sharma

She an angel, inheres in my heart,I helpless
worn in wrist, bangles, tingles in my ear,I restless
Elegant she is, eternal  that gaze
Beautiful she is, blessed  I am, amazed

Dived in her eyes ,paired up eyes of mine
Pointed arrow her eyes, heart injured of mine
Unknown to strange attraction, mind lingered of mine
Unfamiliar to magical affection, SELF got binded to Divine

That upper eye lead, that lower eye lead
Like tides in ocean, like ripples in river
Like swim of fish, like crawl of snake
lined with kajol, was like Love club’s alcohol

In mind diving like fish, as swarm of bliss
tingles in mind, crawling like snake, isn’t it fake?
In heart waving tides of hormone, I’m gone
ripples feeling, I’m flying to fairys’ land, isn’t it a tale? I’m alone

I played, had I won, with her the play
She would have been  mine,
 Amazing nature, wonderful it’s plays
Alas! I lost, gifted her, heart of mine

Snatched away all trace of me, my elegance, by a glance
Ocean her enchanting eyes my wandering thirst’s  presence 
Heaven her enchanting eyes, my wondering thirst’s present
 Eternal Truth she is, feeling I am, her essence”