May 20, 2024, Monday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ८, मंगलवार

My Holidays

Sampada Chapagain
Class – 7
Modern Boarding School,
Dadhikot, Bhaktpur

Holidays are fun but leaving school, it is not fun. I study in Modern Boarding Higher Secondary School, Bhaktapur. Our Final Terminal Examination  started on 2076/11/28 and ended on 2076/12/05. It started early due to Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic. The last day of school, I was quite sad because I needed to leave my friends and school for one month. Later that day there was farewell in my tuition. We did very fun in tuition. After I reached home, I packed my bag and was ready for my trip.

The next day my parents and I went to Butwal. I was very excited to meet my aunt. I was very hungry. So, we sat to eat something in a restaurant. We ate chat, which was so yummy. We reached our aunt’s home. We were so tired so we slept for a while and got up. I watched T.V for a while. The next day, we went to a park nearby and ate paratha and achar. The scenery of the park was very nice. We returned home and ate some fruits. Next day was Saturday. The day was quite fun. We had planned to take a bath. But I was not willing to do so because we had to bath in traditional tap called Cal. Anyway, I went there to bath. As soon as I started bathing, a big storm came and I could not bath. So, I went back home. I was feeling so cold that I started to sneeze.

The next day we went to Lumbini. Lumbini is the holy place for both Hindu and Buddhist around the world. As well as it is the birthplace of Lord  Gautam Buddha. The main attractions of the temple are world peace flame, Maya Devi temple, Puskarini pond, Asoka Pillars and Hundreds of Monasteries made by different countries round the world. We went there in bike. Suddenly, the bike slightly fell down. We were not heavily hurt. After resting sometime, we started our journey again. We reached there and the scenery was so beautiful. We visited the puskarini pond, the peace flame, Maya Devi temple and many Monasteries made by different countries. I also talked with some tourists. They were very pleased to meet my parents and me. We rested there. There were many Lamas. They were meditating there. We also joined them in meditation.

Meditation reduces our body pain. Most of the people round the world do meditation because it makes their body fit and healthy. Those people who are suffering from blood pressure also do meditation because meditation lowers high blood pressure as well as boosts their immune system. Some people who have many chances to get heart attack they also meditate because it helps to reduce heart risks. Some children also meditate because meditation helps to build self-knowledge.

We clicked many photos. Lord Buddha had pointed his index finger in a statue. I clicked a photo there giving the same pose. Inside Maya Devi Temple, we can see numbers of old coins of different countries. Many people come and donate money for the development of the temple. In the Asoka Pillar, there is a stone carving. In that, stone carving many good things were written. I learned many thing. After that day, we were searching for a bus to return home but all the bus drivers said that they would not go Kathmandu. Then we looked for a plane ticket. We found Yeti Airlines ticket of that night. We immediately reached aunts home, packed our bag, took an auto and moved to Bhairahawa National Airport. At the way home, there was an air turbulence. It was my first time stuck in an air turbulence. I was so scared but we safely landed Kathmandu. Later that day, we heard news that from tomorrow lockdown will be start. Than we have not gone anywhere from that day. We stayed Butwal for five days. It was very fun staying there.

I would like to recommend you all to spend your holidays in Lumbini. It is a great fun place. In addition, I would like to request you all to stay home and stay safe.