July 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ श्रावण ६, आईतवार


Reecha Adhikari
Class : 7
Vidyasadan E. School

The biggest gift in my life is unbelievable gift. The unbelievable gift gave to us. Life is biggest gift. Every one of us is confused about life. We cannot understand life. Sometimes we ask ourselves “What is life?” Life cannot be described. Life can be enjoyed.

Life gives us opportunity. Life gives us happiness. Life gives us sadness. Life is to enjoy. Life is to help. Life is our love. Life is our money. Life is our time. Life is our success. Life is our friend. Life is my family. If we haven’t life we cannot get anything. The machines that work without any break is life. Life is not to play with others life.Life is not to waste.

I love my life. I enjoy my life. I do work that I want to do in my life. My life is journey. My life is my adventure. My life is a puzzle. Not my life is only puzzle, every ones life is puzzle. To solve a puzzle, be happy in your life. Try to make smile in your face.

Life is given to enjoy. Life gives everything. But we don’t give anything to life. So, try to give respect and enjoy your life. Life comes once time.