April 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख ८, शनिबार

Trouble of Teacher’s Life

Good students never want to be a teacher
But may have a delusion of doctor and pilot

After SEE the life wrick to the other|
Leather to be the dream of doctor and pilot

Eventually became a teacher by studious an virtuous
Profession cited depicted whatever harked

Since people are in dilemma, I hooked down my head
When I netted most of them are futile

Became teacher, when didn’t get an fortuity
Teacher receive salary by cursory time

We received salary by in situ
But after month we brought to home

We bought bike anyhow during the life
Although we walked as couldn’t pay for the incendiary

Educationists allude to teach without punishing
Don’t dampen them but patronize to them directly to other

Teach today anyhow, nothing remain tomorrow
Getting no awe, even doing callous

Perceptive nothing, even studying in class 9, 10
Giving all culpa to the teacher

Depending upon cheat to pass the exam
If there is little scrupulous exam, opposite reception to other

To apparatus the flow of education, we visit village to village
Sue us for its result furnishing us opposite reaction

We won’t be ardent employee of the nation
Have no arena in term of dignity and attraction

Ability to do work in any bad condition
Giving consultation if there is lack of anything