April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

Life and struggle

In the depths of life’s vast tapestry,
A tale of struggle unfolds, you see.
For in this grand and intricate weave,
We find the essence of what we believe. 

Life, a journey of peaks and valleys,
Where trials and tribulations rally.
Amidst the chaos and storms we face,
We find strength, courage, and grace.
With every step, we stumble and fall,
Yet, in our hearts, a fire burns tall.
For in the face of adversity’s might,
We rise again, fueled by inner light.
In the darkest hours, when hope seems lost,
We gather the fragments, no matter the cost.
With unwavering resolve, we persevere,
Transforming challenges into victory near. 

Through hardships, lessons are unveiled,
The spirit refined, resilience unveiled.
For it is in struggle, we learn to grow,
Embracing the seeds of wisdom we sow. 

Life’s struggles mold our character true,
Revealing our purpose, our essence through.
With unwavering spirit, we face each trial,
Drawing strength from within, mile after mile. 

The struggle, a catalyst for our bloom,
A journey that unveils our truest plume.
So let us embrace life’s ebb and flow,
For it is through struggle, our spirits glow. 

In unity, we stand, united we stride,
Embracing life’s challenges with open-eyed.
For in the struggle, we find our might,
And shine like stars, illuminating the night. 

So let us face life’s struggles with a grin,
For it is through them, our souls deepen.
With resilience as our guiding light,
We navigate the struggles, shining bright.