June 19, 2024, Wednesday
२०८१ असार ६, बुधबार

A Refined Man

Shaped in a furnace 
I am an iron ball;
surface determines rolling 
want to play? make a call.
Winning a battle with conformity 
I’ve established an empire;
achievements are in a granary,
got-’em catering blooms of desire.
In shadow, stupid I may look 
footprints shall be unbelievable;
I take pride in impressions not in its hook,
follow to taste the feat of unbeatable.
creepy, crazy, loony, weird-
labels just as fragile as strand of rain;
you stick, I peel ‘em off journey now veered
surely you’ll regret your disdain.
A bloom of the garden of Eden
why shatter it with contempt ?
It may not look as pretty if got eaten,
curb the bugs and each covetous attempt.