May 20, 2024, Monday
२०८१ जेष्ठ ८, मंगलवार

Dawn at Port Lincoln

Gentle breeze
touching the pine trees
when move towards 
the sea surface 
ripples are created.

I saw my weariness washed offshore,
together with shells and debris.
Horizon turned into blue and white
colouring new hope and joy.

Seafarers’ joy and hope 
hanging in the fishhook 
of the Tuna Polar
made me ruminative over 
their joyful memories 
in the waters and along the coastline.

Flinders touched the fertile land 
where the beauty is unspeakable,
horizon is untraceable,
seafood is unmissable.

Breathing taking view of the port
was hard to lose from sight.
However, I had other promises to make 
before loosing myself into spirit of the region.