April 13, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख १, शनिबार

Your Eyes

Your eyes ! you saw with an amazing gaze,
that hypnotize me, I'm in the unknown craze
Your smile is a painkiller, cured all my disease,
printed on my heart, your Lips' glaze
Smile streaming up to me, as leaf touched by dew,
fascinating my heart and soul with an unknown clue
You are like my breath and heartbeat
I feel amazing when you come near and sit
By seeing you my mind becomes calm
don't know, why I'm awake always without an alarm
Being with you is my strength 
and not seeing you, you'll feel my eyes' drench
I am following the path my heart and soul saw  
I now feel, Netwon was right with the gravitation's law
Like a magnet and magnetic materials' attraction
I find my soul following you, in my imagination
Tingling twits, your soul makes with mine
I always find myself with energy and I shine
Like the ocean, our understanding goes deep & calm
It always keeps increasing, I dived deep, felt charmed 
Reading Love literature of writers unknown 
Following the path great Poets had shown
Established with zero, now my feelings tend to infinity
Definitely your eyes tell a story, filled with Love's Divinity