April 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख ८, शनिबार

Online Study

The number of people who are suffering from corona virus has been increased. Therefore, for our better the government has decided to continue our study through online. The student who want to study, have the network problem. What will they do? What happens to their future?

            In some school, their first terminal examination is already finished, in some school their study is also not going properly, because of network problem, those students who have service of network.

            Their body is in the house, but their soul is inside of gadgets. If we ask to ourselves about ‘What are we doing?’ We do not have any answer. Our parents always tried to stop us to using different gadgets. Nevertheless, we do not listen to our parents, if our parents ask us about ‘what are you doing since an hour?’ We have only one answer which is ‘We are searching our answers.’ However, in gadgets we are not doing our homework. We are playing games, watching movies or listening music. Our parents also cannot stop us, because we are being too stubborn. For our better future, we have to do self-study. If we have confusion, then we should share with our parents, elders, or neighbor.

            In the free time, we can do different activities also. We can make our daily routine with the help of online study routine, where we can play gadgets, doing different activities, helping parents etc.