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Nikola Tesla

Well, surely, we must have heard about the word Tesla frequently. It is mostly because Tesla (T) is the S.I. unit of magnetic field (B).  Elon Musk has named one of the famous brands of car as a ‘Tesla’. However, besides these facts the word ‘Tesla’ has been popular actually due to the greatest deeds and owes given by Serbian-American engineer and physicist Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). In techno-friendly world, advancement and full of huge research our heart is obviously filled up with full of gratitude and gratefulness. Most of the credit for this great achievement in the field of technological development in this twenty first century must go to the highly dedicated, obsessed electrical engineer, mechanical engineer, inventor, scientist, and futurist Nikola Tesla. Most of us think that the credit is given to Thomas Alva Edison in the field of electricity. However, it is not true. Nikola Tesla is known as the father of modern electricity. If Thomas Alva Edison were honest in his job, he would have been kind and would have helped Nikola Tesla to complete his dream project because both of them were in the same field. However, instead of encouraging and helping young Tesla, Edison always treated him as a bitter rival and tried to keep Tesla under his control.

Nikola Tesla is one of the greatest men of the world. We have to think twice if someone asks about Nikola Tesla, isn’t it? It is simply because many people are unknown about him. His great contributions to this world has over outlined due to some of the renowned fake scientists of the world like Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931) and Marconi(1874-1937).All most, many people are very much familiar with the scientist Thomas Alva Edison as he is supposed to be an inventor of an electric bulb which lightened the world. It is because every schoolchild is taught the myth that Thomas Alva Edison invented the light bulb. However, in fact, he did not do it. Actually lightening bulb had been invented already before the Edison was born by British Scientist Warren de la Rue in 1840. Certainly, what he did is that he bought the patent and started business. He was rather a good businessperson; he founded Edison Illuminating Company-to electrify the world through direct current system with financial contributions from J.P. Morgan and other wealthy investors of that time.

Small Tesla

Tesla was very much genius since his childhood. He used to solve advanced integral calculus within his mind due to which his teachers were shocked thinking he was cheating. He used to say that showing all the process is the waste of time because it could be easily solved in the mind. He had strong visual power. He used to really work very hard and used to sleep 2-3 hours per day. He had dreamed since his childhood to generate electrical energy from Niagara Falls which later he did it really by setting up Hydropower Station near Niagara Falls. He did deep learning of law of EM induction given by Michael Faraday and did some improvement in his law.

Tesla in Theodore Puskas’s Company

In 1882, Tesla went to Hungary to work in telegraph company. He made amplifier work correctly and impressed Theodore Puskas by his talent. So, he offered second job to Tesla in Continental Edison Company, Paris. His job was to install lighting system in the Paris.While working in Puskas’s Company Tesla realized that the dc system had serious disadvantages. For instance:

  1. It’s okay that dc system could light the bulb and revolutionalize the world through electricity. However, it couldn’t produce enough electricity to run the heavy dc machines.
  2. The next problem with dc was that the dc power station had to be set up necessarily around one mile area because dc couldn’t be transmitted for long distance which was the biggest disadvantage of the dc system as voltage tend to decrease with distance.
  3. If we need to handle electrical equipment other than bulb which need different voltage like generator, motor etc then we have to connect different wire for different voltage transmission which results very high cost for installation and maintainance. This is the reason where ac system fits the bill with low cost.

Realizing these facts, to solve these problems he was working for ac system through which voltage loss wouldn’t be created and current could be transmitted for long distance over miles of distance. Finally, to show his ac model design Tesla wanted to meet with Edison. Charles Batchelor, a loyal employee and good friend of Edison, knew the talent of Tesla. That is why he gave recommendation letter to Edition where he wrote,”Dear Edison, I know two great man and you are one of them. This young man is the other.” Due to his recommendation Edison’s Company hired Tesla to USA. Edison saw Tesla’s ac motor design and he scared; if this ac motor got market then dc motor would get vanished and his company might be in huge loss. Edison told Tesla that ac motor system was worthless and much harmful and asked Tesla to work in improvement of his dc equipments and motors.  

   Tesla in Edison’s Company

As in 1884, Tesla was hired to work in Edison’s Company to improve his dc machines; Edison told that he would pay $50,000 for this design and improvement. Tesla spent sixteen hours per day in Edison’s Company for the design and improvement of those dc machines. He was highly dedicated to do it and he put his full effort, time and genius mind over it. Finally, when Tesla accomplished the task and asked for the money then Edison denied to pay saying,” Tesla, you don’t understand our American humor.” Tesla couldn’t tolerate it. Immediately, Tesla resigned the job and left Edison’s Company in 1885.

Current War

As soon as Tesla left Edison’s company, after this incident we can assume easily that there was the beginning of current war. Tesla did patent for all inventions which he did while working with Edison. Tesla met with so many investors and in 1885, he founded “The Tesla Electric Light and Manufacturing Company”. He found betrayers over there. So, he left and went to next company. In 1886, he founded “Tesla Electric Company”. To complete his dream of ac induction motor he worked hard not saying days or nights. In 1887, he invented ac induction motor. In 1888, when George Westing House came to know about this, then he met with Tesla. Westing House, big investor of US, thought for the distribution of electricity with the help of the ac system developed by Nikola Tesla would be far better than that of dc system. He needed Tesla’s ac induction motor because it would use alternating current for the electricity distribution over very long distance. Now begins the real current war between George Westing House and Thomas Alva Edison because George Westing House was marketing ac system while Thomas Alva Edison was marketing dc system for the distribution of electricity all over the world. Edison killed the innocent animals mercilessly by giving ac shock to demonstrate that ac system was really harmful because he couldn’t show any useful effect of dc over ac. Finally, Edison was somehow successful to put myth on common people by describing ac as the most dangerous thing so that public would raise a big question mark on Tesla’s ac design.

Edison went in his own way for the distribution of direct current (dc) and Westinghouse went in his own way for the distribution of alternating current (ac). Edison gave electricity at low cost for its consumption at houses while at high cost for the consumption at industries. In contrary to this, Westinghouse gave electricity at the same rate. That is why, ac demand increased rapidly and finally it reached each and every corner throughout the world. Still today we get ac supply in our houses as electricity.

In 1890, Edison was asked about new idea to give death penalty to the criminals. The cruel Edison,who had hatred towards ac, further wanted to demonstate ac as worthless and harmful and he told to give alternating current (ac) shock. This incident denigrated Westinghouse Company.

In 1890, Tesla invented Tesla coil, an electrical resonant transformer circuit which is used to induce high voltage, low current, high frequency alternating current electricity. Still, it is used essentially used widely in almost every electrical and electronics devices.Tesla with Westinghouse had set up hydropower plant near Niagara Falls through which huge amount of electricity was generated fo the first time due to which Edison’s Company was badly affected and Edison was expelled from his own company as he was accused of going against the alternating current system. This resulted a big industrial revolution all over the world because huge machines could be operated at very low cost of electricity.

In 1895, Tesla planned to broadcast a signal from New York to West Point, a distance of 50 miles but a fire destroyed his laboratory. It has been told that his rivals did it to destroy his research paper and patents and to put false claim of that patents on their name. In this way, his many patents had been stolen. This might be the reason why Tesla said “I don’t care that they stole my idea. I care that they don’t have any of their own.”Marconi was able to transmit a radio signal on March 28,1899, across the English Channel. On December 12,1901 he sent the letter in Morse code across the Atlantic. Since then, he has been known as “The Father of Wireless.” Marconi started up his telegraphic company. Thomas Alva Edison and Andrew Carnegie invested for this. In 1904, The United States Patent Office acknowledged Marconi as the inventor of radio. Also,Marconi received Nobel Prize as a inventor of radio in 1911. He admitted that he didn’t really know how his inventions worked. Tesla said,”Marconi is a good fella. Let him go on. He’s using 17 of my patents.”Tesla fought for his patents until he died in 1943. That same year, The Supreme Court of USA rescinded all 4 Marconi radio patents based on Tesla’s previous findings.

In 1890s, Tesla was working for wireless electricity too. Tesla wanted to complete this project but he needed $200,000 for its accomplishment. George Westinghouse could fund only $6,000. He went to many investors but he didn’t get enough fund that he needed to complete the project. Finally, JP Morgan, a famous American investor of that time, agreed to invest for that project by putting bet that Tesla had to provide 51% of the profit of the project to Morgan. Unfortunately, Tesla had to stop the project in the middle of the project run because Morgan stopped to fund for the project when he came to know that Tesla was working for the free electricity. If Tesla had invented free electricity then obviously, energy companies would have been vanished completely. This is how, Tesla’s dream of free electricity remained incomplete due to lack of fund and due to investors whose intension was only for the profit from the project but not on the revolutionalizing the technology. Lest today’s world would have been far more advanced because telepathy would have been possible along with free electricity for which research has been carried out rapidly throughout the world.  In that age Tesla had amazing  prediction over wireless communication, mobile phones,female empowerment,drones and wireless electricity. It has been told that he had amazing vision of future much more ahead of his time.Tesla had invented boat which could run automatically and people thought that Tesla is making stupid to everyone and there must be some animal inside that boat who was driving it to the destination. Today, it is well known as AI which is also the vast field of further research and development though many improvement had been done already.

It has been told that he was obsessed with number three – like he didn’t stay in the hotel if he didn’t get room whose number was divisible by three. He said that he loved pigeon as if a man loves a woman and also he never fall in any romantic entanglement. He didn’t marry throughout his life and remained single. He sacrificed his whole life to uplift the status of technology for the sake of the world. Still, today his incomplete research has been carried out to complete it.He had shown great path for the further development  and upliftment of the modern technology like free electricity, telepathy,AI, IOT and so on. He gave great contribution and it will be always less to pay off the owes he had given to the mankind.