July 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ श्रावण ६, आईतवार


In the realm of wisdom, where knowledge abounds,
There stands a beacon, a profound guide.
A Guru, a teacher, with enlightened grace,
Leading seekers on a transformative chase. 

With eyes that sparkle, filled with divine light,
They illuminate paths, banishing the night.
Their words like honey, sweet nectar of truth,
They ignite the flame of wisdom in our youth.

A Guru, a mentor, a spiritual friend,
In their presence, doubts and fears transcend.
They teach us lessons, not found in books,
Unraveling mysteries with compassionate looks. 

They sow the seeds of love and compassion,
Guiding us towards self-realization.
With patience and kindness, they tend to our souls,
Nurturing our growth to reach divine goals. 

In their footsteps, we embark on a quest, 
To discover the essence, our innermost best.
Through teachings and practices, they ignite our fire,
Igniting the soul’s longing to reach higher. 

A Guru, a guardian, an enlightened sage,
Their wisdom transcends every passing age.
They connect us to the cosmic thread,
To realize that we are all divine bread. 

So let us bow down, with humble devotion,
To the Gurus who lead us with pure emotion.
For they hold the key to eternal grace,
Guiding us on this mystical, spiritual chase. 

In their presence, we find solace and peace,
As their teachings and love continue to increase.
With gratitude in our hearts, we honor the
Guru, For they illuminate our lives, shining true.