April 20, 2024, Saturday
२०८१ बैशाख ८, शनिबार

Gray & Green

All above in the blue sky
Cloud gray as fairy cotton 
As Diamond, rain drops twinkling
 Seeing birds flight Heart beating

Leaves, birds on the tree
some green, some gray
Fallen leaves brown, sky isn’t blue now
Tree canopy green, sky is gray

As her beauty, scenery is mesmerizing
All I feel is the wind blowing
All I feel the drops kissing 
All I see, leaves swinging

Blessed to be here in lap of hills
On the blue planet, beside Himalaya
On the bank of Narayani, diffused in Ganga
Crown of omnipresent & omniscient Shiva

Blue sky, blue hills
All covered with gray clouds
Paired Birds, sheltered in Nest
Flower ashamed in canopy of green.