June 19, 2024, Wednesday
२०८१ असार ६, बुधबार

World environment day

Angana Guragain
Class : 8
Everest English School,

Plants give oxygen which we take
We even eat food that plants make
                              Important are all those tree
                              Are useful to you and me
Forest are being cut because of our greed
Where all wild animals and birds breed
                               Plants are our life and one who shows us the way
                               Plant a tree now don’t delay
If you didn’t plant a tree and strife
Then you can lose someone’s life
                              In a bright sunny ray
                              Plant a tree in sandy clay
If there is air pollution
Remember we can find solution
                              There will be fresh air
                               If you plant a tree with care
Reduce, reuse and recycle we all know
Plant a tree don’t throw
                                Plants are helpful, don’t go away
                                We also care plant say
Don’t waste time in cafe
Instead celebrate World Environment Day.